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20th Anniversary Invitations - China, Emerald
25th Anniversary Invitations - Silver Jubilee
30th Anniversary Invitations - Pearl, Diamond
35th Anniversary Invitations - Coral, Emerald
40th Anniversary Invitations - Ruby
50th Anniversary Invitations - Gold
55th Anniversary Invitations - Sapphire
60th Anniversary Invitations - Diamond

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Gold embossed 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations
(Item # ANN4706)

Item No. ANN4706 are gold embossed 50th wedding anniversary invitations to be used for a golden 50th anniversary . . . or for any year.

These cards are printed with quality raised lettering.

We provide sample wording ideas so you can customize at no additional charge. Our customer service representatives are standing by to assist with orders.


(Shown) Invitations and Thank You card with Monogram Reception Cards

Use an RSVP card for date of response and ask your guest to write a favorite memory inside

Item Pricing by Quantity
Invitations (ANN4706)
7.75" H X 5.5" W
Thank You Cards (ANN4706T)$52.90$57.90$61.90$64.90$78.60$89.60
Reception Cards (ANN4706R)$52.90$57.90$61.90$64.90$78.60$89.60
RSVP Cards (ANN4706E)$61.30$66.90$72.90$87.90$93.70$108.90
Return Address on Envelope
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