When is mobile broadband the best choice?

While mobile broadband is most commonly known for its high speed internet, there are some instances where it might be a better answer to your mobile browsing needs. For example, when you’re driving to a destination, watching a series of action-packed movies, or taking advantage of a wireless public hotspot. Before you make a decision on its use, here are 8 common situations where data usage will cost you less than a mobile broadband plan, and an explanation of why you should be less afraid to be mobile.

How to decide when or if mobile broadband is the right option

1. Is Mobile Broadband the fastest choice?

For casual and light activities, there isn’t a clear winner in terms of speed. However, for heavy users with a strong need for speed, mobile broadband makes sense, as it delivers the fastest speeds of all.

With 4G, download speeds get over 30 Mbps, which is comparable to an average DSL connection.

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