When is mobile broadband the best choice?

As the world’s population gets connected, and people increasingly access the internet via smartphones, there are growing signs of an emerging mobile broadband revolution.

Just look for the ever increasing numbers of high-profile launches and partnerships, such as the £3.2bn takeover by China Mobile of Britain’s EE.

But what does having this mobile broadband revolution mean to you? Are unlimited plans still the way to go? Is mobile broadband really best for everyone, particularly for internet-access poor countries?

So what are the facts?

In this article, our expert mobile phones and broadband editor, Matt Scott (below left), and John Fingleton (editor of mifi.co.uk) will look at which providers currently offer the fastest broadband in the UK, what the numbers of users on each network mean, how unlimited plans work and what you need to do in order to get the best deal for yourself.

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