When is mobile broadband the best choice? The answer depends on your location

Mobile broadband has become an increasingly attractive option for businesses and consumers. Not only are more households and businesses starting to connect via mobile networks, users are seeing faster services, better coverage, and more choice.

The major mobile operators in Europe – Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile – offer mobile broadband services that cost from less than £5 per GB to £16. If you need internet access for your laptop or desktop computer, mobile broadband from an operator such as Virgin Media in the UK or Orange in France, or Telefonica’s O2 in Spain, is a cost-efficient broadband option. And for those connected with an Apple device, iFixit.com has developed mobile internet adapters that can be plugged into the headphone jack.

In the UK, mobile operators are competing for a slice of the market with fibre broadband services.

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