When is mobile broadband the best choice?

Broadband penetration rates are still low in emerging markets. Even in countries with high usage numbers like India, just one third of urban households are capable of utilizing broadband services. That is why a lot of people choose for the first generation of mobile broadband services, when data plans were relatively small and not expensive.

We are witnessing the beginning of a new era with mobile broadband. With high data plans and prices, prices are expected to drop even further and with the advent of the 4G revolution, the cost of access for mobile broadband is still affordable in most countries in Asia and Africa.

So how did this happen? Who are the winners and losers of a free market?

As part of our “Mobile is a Market” research report, we have been tracking the evolution in broadband market and have been analyzing key drivers in telecoms like spectrum allocation, macroeconomic factors and local regulations.

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