When is mobile broadband the best choice? For the millions of Americans traveling out of state or to parts of the country where there are no mobile broadband providers. Or you may live in a region where wireless carriers are only interested in selling you a low data plan. That’s going to be the most relevant question, rather than just asking if you need 4G or LTE connectivity.

I’ve run the numbers for each of the three major mobile broadband networks, 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, and 3G EVDO. I’m looking at availability, speed, price, and data plan options.

Data Use For Real

To determine this, I looked at how much data each network can deliver while traveling 100 miles. I’m calling this test, The Mileage Test, and it will help you determine if mobile broadband makes sense based on how much you need a data plan and where you’re traveling.

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